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School of History and Culture

Update:November 10, 2011 Author:ranble

The School of History and Culture of CCNU is among the most distinguished institutions of history instruction and research in China. It comprises the Department of History and the Department of Cultural Studies, and includes the Institute for Modern Chinese History, the Institute for Chinese Historical Document Studies, and the Institute for Chu (楚) Studies (i.e. the discipline of studying old Hubei and Hunan). Also in the scope of the School are the Centre for Taoism Studies and the Centre for Overseas Chinese Studies. The School is composed of 79 faculty and staff members, including 33 professors and 20 associate professors.

The School offers undergraduate education in History, Teaching History, Cultural Heritage Conservation, and Cultural Management. The program at the School is not designed solely for the would-be professional historian, history teacher in secondary education, and cultural researcher and manager, but it also aims at providing broad and versatile foundations for other future careers, since herein is the concentration made compatible with many cross-disciplinary fields.

The School has also long been at the forefront of postgraduate education. It provides first-rate master’s and doctoral degree programs fuelled by cutting-edge research in many subject areas including Ancient Chinese History, Ancient Chinese Historical Document Studies, Ancient Chinese Historical Geography, History of Philosophical and Religious Taoism, Ancient Chinese Local Cultural Studies (mainly concerning the cultural region of Chu 楚), Old Chinese Folklore Studies, Early Modern Chinese History, Modern and Contemporary Chinese History, Economical and Social History, History of Overseas Chinese, World History, History of International Relations, Classical and Medieval History, Modern Western History, Modern Asian History, History Teaching Methodology, Cultural Heritage Conservation, and Cultural Management.

The School processes a good library which has a large collection of some 200 thousand volumes and a museum containing a little less than 3000 antiquities. The School is housed in Building I, one of the oldest buildings in classical Chinese style on the University campus, and in two other new, modern styled buildings.

At the School are established the scholarship funds that aim at honoring excellent students: Zhang Kaiyuan Eastern-Western Academic Communication Scholarship Foundation, Zhang Shunhui(张舜徽) Scholarship Foundation, Nozawa Yutaka (野沢豊) Scholarship Foundation, and Shiyuan Aixin (史苑爱心) Scholarship (or “The Would-be Historian Promotion Scholarship”).